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FAQ’s On Generator Sales, Installation & More

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Sizes will vary from home to home, but generally most homes will require the 7kW to 22kW air-cooled size.

The air-cooled generators 62DBA = to a bit louder than the hum of an Air Conditioning Unit to as quiet as your car idling in the liquid cooled units.

When dealing with electricity producing devices extra care is necessary, we recommend annual servicing to maximize safe usage.

A properly maintained generator should provide you with many years of operation under emergency stand-by conditions. Air-cooled units are not designed for continuous power usage (24/7, 365 days). Liquid cooled units are designed for longer outages on a regular basis. We also have off-grid eco-gen systems to back-up solar or wind. 

We have most air cooled generators in stock. Booking is usually 2-3 weeks for installs.

You can contact us at 705-931-0938, toll free at 1-888-742-3468 or via email at for a free, no obligation site inspection and quote.

All stand-by generators use both Liquid Propane (LP) and Natural Gas.

Yes. We are certified installation experts with 12 years experience and over 2000 installs.

Call for a free, no obligation site inspection and quote.

Depending on the price of natural gas and electricity requirements. Much cheaper than a refrigerator full of spoiled food!